Barna Capital Group has been guarding the financial interests of its clients for many years, increasing their capital. That's why the company's logo is a heraldic shield, as a symbol of stability, on which mathematical symbols of multiplication and addition are depicted, in the form of a straight and slanting crosses, symbolizing the impeccable prudence so necessary for a successful existence in the financial market.

Barna Capital Group specializes in various investment strategies on US stock markets. Investing client’s capital into well known, global companies, with the highest potential of positive returns by applying fundamental, structural and financial analysis – is our main goal. Barna Capital Group specializes in thorough analysis of specific companies, in certain sectors at a very specific time. We do not limit ourselves to simple fundamental analysis before choosing a company for investment. We dig deeper, much deeper. Most of our recent results, have come from stocks outperforming the broader market and sectors they belong to. We have a specific investment strategy, where we use options to minimize risks of our investments in underlying equities. Although our strategy limits potential returns, it virtually eliminates risks. We base our investment strategy on two factors – first, we minimize our risks, then we maximize our returns.