First and foremost, we would like to point out our main difference from other asset managers. We do not take your money, instead we manage Your own brokerage account.

1. Choosing the right strategy for you:

To understand how we can be of use to you, it is foremost necessary to understand what you want from us and your capital. We carefully designed the programs we offer to suit any client with any capital and appetite for risk and profitability. Before they sound, we will explain the process of allocating capital. One of our highly qualified representatives will schedule a meeting with you in one of our offices within Russia or Cyprus, or we can do it distantly over the phone or video conference. Based on your answers to the simple questions during the conference, our specialist will offer you the most suitable investment program for you, but the choice is always yours.

2. Open personal brokerage account:

After choosing an investment program, we will open a brokerage account for you at one of the two brokers provided, or you can do it yourself. You will need to provide us with personal information needed to open the account if you want us to do it for you. Once the account is opened, you will be able to transfer your capital into your account from any bank in your country. This option provides a higher degree of safety, liquidity and access to capital. Only you will have access to your funds at the right time for you. We, on the other hand, will only be able to make investments on your account, with a precise permission from you.

3. Asset management:

The asset manager, according to the chosen investment strategy, places trades on the stock exchange from your account. The choice of the exchange depends on the program and the base currency chosen by the client. We specialize in US equities, but do not limit ourselves to them. Our professional managers have extensive experience in European, Asian and Currency Exchanges. Dynamic portfolio management: according to the dynamics of the markets, the manager regularly modifies the positions in the client's portfolio at his own discretion. We use our original system of integration of equities and options for successful management results. You can keep up with the results of management at any time, by simply logging into your brokerage account. The broker, also, will send out daily reports to your email which you can view at your convenience.

4. Commission and Withdrawal:

We charge 35% of positive P&L on your account on quarterly basis. The broker calculates your P&L for the given quarter and transfers our commission from your account to ours automatically. This process eliminates the need for invoicing and possible conflict of interest when commission is calculated. We do not charge a management fee, so we profit only when you do. Since you have full access to your account at any time, you can withdraw available funds when you wish to do so, but we need to be informed as it may affect our decisions regarding open and future positions in your portfolio. You must understand that all projected results and guaranteed return of possible losses, beyond the agreed risk allowance in your investment strategy, will only be based on at least 12 consecutive months under our management.