personal brokerage account management (from $100 000)

We work with two of the largest brokers in their jurisdictions: Interactive Brokers LLC ( - minimum $250000 Freedom Finance ( - minimum $100000 We are working with Interactive Brokers since 2011. IB is the only broker that has access to all markets worldwide and is a public company with capitalization over $15 billion. Founded in 1977 in USA. Licensed by the US SEC. Brokerage accounts are insured up to $500,000 We became official partners with Freedom Finance in 2016. FFIN is considered to be the best brokerage solution in Russia, with access to US listed equities and options. Founded in 2008, FFIN has become a nationwide brand for Russia and Kazakhstan based investors. As of 2016, FFIN manages over $150 million. FFIN holds brokerage license in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belize and EU. Accounts are insured up to $500000.


of positive P&L – success fee, charged by the broker to clients account quarterly, and automatically transferred to Barna Capital Group. Projected annual results are calculated net of success fee to advisor. Success fee does not include taxes and brokerage fees

1 year

minimum suggested investment period, although clients are not obligated to keep their accounts under Barna Capital Group Advisory for any given period of time

100 000

USD or an equivalent amount in other currency – minimum deposit from brokerage account with FFIN. $250000 for accounts with Interactive Brokers.

Unlimited amount of withdrawals, deposits, asset transfers.